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Blurred background of piles of wood. Multiple hues of brown.

Bringing Handmade Beauty to Your Home 

An image in black and white depicting Steve Harward. He is smiling at the camera there are trees around him.

Hi, I'm Steve

My journey in the world of woodworking began when I received a lathe as a gift for my 50th birthday, reigniting a long-held interest from my school days. Starting with logs and various types of wood, I began experimenting and honing my skills. The satisfaction I derived from the process was immense, and the end results proved to be incredibly rewarding.

With time, I learned to appreciate the nuances of woodturning, embracing the patience and precision required to create each piece. Every cut, curve, and stroke is executed with care, ensuring that the final product is nothing short of exceptional.

However, the true joy comes from witnessing the transformation of rough logs into beautifully turned bowls and intricately carved decorations. It is a testament to the artistry that lies within the combination of nature and craftsmanship.

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